Le grand jeté !

Le grand jeté ! is an association created in 2002. Its target is the creation of contemporary dance shows, education and training for the contemporary dance culture.
Since 2002, Frédéric Cellé has developed a rich and various repertoire, composed of many short shows for public space and theaters. His dance is both technical and powerful as well as physical, energical, carnal, powerful, passionate, generous, poetical, made with gestures leading to emotion, intensity. Frédéric Cellé loves big jumps, rolls, throwing the body into the air, propulsion of himself into space, balances and running. Fighting is the heart of dance as well as of his imagination : fighting to feel alive, to survive in the world, to be essential, fighting in a battle against time, for positive yearnings. The aim of Le grand jeté! Le grand jeté! Company gets supports from the town of Cluny, the general Council of Saône-et-Loire, the Region council Bourgogne – Franche-Comté and the Ministry of Culture (Drac Bourgogne – Franche-Comté). Frédéric Cellé, choreographer, is an artist partner of the theater L’arc, scène nationale Le Creusot since 2010.


Béatrice Vermande

President of the association Le grand jeté ! costume designer and teacher

Graduated in 1987 from ENSATT’s school based in Lyon, she obtained a High Level Technician degree of costume designer.
Costume designer for theater, dance, opera, circus and movies within established or flying workshops.
She has been teaching since 1997 at ENSATT as a costumes Creator and since 2005 in the High School La Martinière as a Costume editor. At the same time, she is a costume designer for Compagnies and a sheeter in permanent workshops in the Opera of Lyon, the Célestins Theater…


Frédéric Cellé

Frédéric Cellé a choreographer and a dancer was trained in the dance academy of Lyon. As an interpreter he danced with the companies of Marie Coquil, Hélène Cathala, Denis Plassard, Joan Leighton, Dominqiue Boivin, Dominique Guilhaudin, Sylvie Guillermin… Dynamics until the violence sometimes, carnal or animal, the dance of Frédéric Cellé translates a quest of serenity.

Annick Boisset

Production manager
Holder of the Master Degree (2) Cultural development and Direction of projects and holder of Bachelor and Master Degree (1) in Administration of Cultural institutions, Annick Boisset began her carrier with IKB Compagny of theater, then Lumas Compagny before joining Le grand jeté ! in 2008.


Margareth Chopard

Distribution manager
Holder of the Master Degree (2) Culture and communication, holder of Bachelor and Master Degree (1) in Administration of Cultural institutions and computer graphics, Margareth CHOPARD worked for the Addim, the Nacre Rhône-Alpes, the general Council of Loire-et-Cher and the city of Montceau-les-Mines (Théâtre l’Embarcadère et Festival Tango Swing et Bretell