Shows in creation

The Fall hypothesis (L’hypothèse de la chute)

Creation 2017 – Duration 55 minutes

Any public – Indoor – Theater – Five dancers
The starting point will be the ‘Fall & Recovery’ by Doris Humphrey, an American dancer and choreographer (1895-1958), I would like to work on the moment, the one just before the fall when everything is still possible: to fall or to stay balanced, to forget about yourself or to be rescued. And I would like to invent different ways of getting out of the fall, different solutions. Such as some jumping experiences, lifts,counterbalances, confrontations and some circulation to share moments together, to listen to each others.
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Shows on tour

Turn around boy

Creation 2011 – Duration 15 minutes

Any public – Outdoor – 2 dancers circassians

Turn around boy is a duet of dansers – circassians and wheel cyr.
Any public – Outdoor or indoor – in every space – light technic
Between dance and circus, turn round boy is poetic, physical, technical, and resounds like freedom to be seized in the heart of everyone. Two characters are going to challenge the weightlessness, each one with their differences: one with their sensitivity, the other one with their technicality, they try to appropriate the ring, to conquer it by playing with this situation. The ring keeps its balance thanks to the strength of the man, it moves with the body which flies inside and around it.

Artistic file
Teaser Turn around boy HERE !
TV Report HERE !

Love at first sight in… (Coup de foudre à…)

Creation 2016 – Duration 25 minutes

Any public – Outdoor – 2 dancers

Creation for two performers for the public space.
Any public – Outdoor or indoor – in every space – light technique
With Love at first sight in… we wish to propose a physical dance, close to the public, a dance to be shared and spread. The name of the town or city where the duet will be perform ed will be included in the title, so that this love at first sight is a unique moment, tailor-made.

Artistic file
Teaser Love at first sight in… HERE !

Queens battle (Le choc des reines)

Creation 2015 – Duration 55 minutes

Young public – indoor – Theater – 2 dancers

Creation for two dancers for theater.
Young audiences andany public – Outdoor or indoor – in every space – light technique
This show is in the form of game where two queens are in confrontations like a video game. Show for youg audiences which combines dance and cartoons created for the show.

Teaser Queens battle HERE !

One step ahead (Une longueur d’avance)

Creation 2014 – Duration 1 hour

Any public – indoor – in Theater

And if everything was about transmission?
There’s always a moment in your life where you make a point on what you’ve inherited, that thing that built you.
Is it an autobiographical project then? certainly not… A dream? Perhaps… A joy of living? Absolutely!
Do we have to put our steps in our fathers steps? Are they some inheritance to refuse?
Do we have to take or not a step ahead? The notion of transmission is the starting point of this project.
An interrogation that links the passed to the present for a necessary projection to the future.